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What a year!

Margot D. Events February 01, 2017

Our team (all departments gathered) put a great effort to meet our clients’ needs – and it pays back! 

Every year, their professional approach, their motivation, their cheerful disposition and their cohesion help our collaborators accomplish their most important task: ensure 100% satisfaction!

We would like to share with your some numbers from 2016:



07 events. Networking is important.

85 kg of coffee. We are addicts! (for info, this is the maximum weight of a red kangaroo)

8,300 solved tickets.

13 new arrivals. We are getting big.

35 round trips between Paris and the cities of our branches.

02 marriages. They said YES!


02 joyful events. And more to come…

07 football matches. Organized by Eulerian for their teams and partners.

10 official after-work gatherings. Just between us, this is quite reasonable!

256 national and international press coverage. Gotta be proud!

24 new deals.

91 new contents.


 4,000 content downloads.

09 certifications.

972 webinar attendees. The camera loves our collaborators.

1,041 tweets. 649 have been retweeted.

We just need to keep the same pace for 2017!

Margot D.

Margot is a newly graduate in Marketing and International Relations who joined the Eulerian Technologies team in 2015. With a particular interest in the English language and everything related to events, she is the perfect asset to promote brand exposure in national and international fairs. Her leitmotiv – always work with a smile!



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