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INTERVIEW : KAMELEOON answers our questions

The Eulerian Technologies team Partnerships February 22, 2017

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Claudio Claudio Muskus,

Head of Business Development & Partnerships

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Let’s start by introducing Kameleoon and your job in the company.

Kameleoon is the conversion rate optimization platform for marketing teams. Our goal is to create a customized experience for web visitors thanks to the A/B testing and web personalization. Companies such as Fnac, Canal +, Meetic and many more – up to 400 – already use our solutions.


I am the Business Development Manager at Kameleoon. My team and I oversee all the new clients, but we also make sure the needs of our long-time clients are covered.


What are your client’s stakes in terms of digital strategy?

Our clients’ goals are complex and varied. It all depends on their line of business and their business model. One client might have one or several goals, but to make it simple, at Kameleoon we distinguish three types of business objectives:


- Improving their revenue and profit margin – eCommerce companies and retailers, such as Fnac, Darty, MAJE.

- Optimizing their lead generation – banks and major brands, such as Renault.

- Building up their web visitor’s loyalty – a very important issue for media such as 20 minutes or Le Figaro.


What is the most frequent problem your clients face, and, in your opinion, why?

Their most frequent issue is the lack of business agility. The marketing teams mostly feel that their needs in terms of continuous optimization are not really met. We must put ourselves in their shoes to understand that today the visitors’ needs evolve very fast. The smallest mistake on the user experience can lead to a failed conversion. On the other hand, it’s not easy to make a website evolve fast since each technical roadmap has its own restrictions.


In these conditions, digital marketing teams usually feel frustrated. Kameleoon is the perfect solution to increase their agility and time to market.


What makes you different from other solutions in the market?

First, the innovative culture of Kameleoon. We have a particularly active R&D team that is continuously trying to anticipate our clients’ needs. For example, Kameleoon is the only optimization platform proposing a script 100% anti-flicker.


Second, after 8 years Kameleoon has been able to set up a work methodology consisting of two optimization processes – A/B testing and web personalization. Kameleoon’s clients know they rely on a team of experts on optimization capable of making them progress. On top of everything, our synergies can be combined with other tools, such as the Eulerian solutions ;-)


What is Kameleoon’s leitmotif?

Our goal at Kameleoon is to help marketing and IT teams to create optimized web experiences for their visitors in an easy way. The solutions we provide are based on an architecture that makes use of the visitors’ data in real time. Kameleoon’s technology involves predictive algorithms capable of identifying the optimal segments for personalized campaigns.


Thanks to Kameleoon, marketing teams can make use of their client knowledge and provide a proper response in real time according to the needs of their visitors.


A few words to finish? Anything that comes to mind!

I wish the Eulerian team all the best in their adventure! Keep going ;-)

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